You Can Run, Abu. . .

. . .but you can’t hide.

A CAPTURED letter to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi indicates the network of fighters loyal to al-Qaeda's leader in Iraq is suffering from low morale and their leader is on the run, the US Defence Department said today.

"The letter certainly gives an indication that his influence and effectiveness is deteriorating," said Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman. "The letter talks about the low morale, the weak and incompetent leadership and that Zarqawi has abandoned his followers because he's a fugitive out there," Mr Whitman said.
Don’t you love these guys? I mean, how gullible can someone be? While Abu is happily hacking the heads off bound and helpless civilians, or sending the faithful out to get their heads blown off by the Marines, Abu himself very much wants to stay alive – and not for any greater cause that requires his leadership, as demonstrated by his complete failure to lead now.

So – time for a jihadi reality check: Abu isn’t coming back any time soon, guys. Time to wake up and smell the psychopath. . .

He said the letter, written by Abu Asim al Yemeni, has been authenticated by the US military. "I could swear by God that you are asking about us and our situation in here; the morale has weakened and lines of the Mujahideen have become separated due to some leaders actions, God does not accept such actions, and that will delay the victory," Asim wrote, according to the translation.
There’s not going to be any victory, Asim. You have an appointment with Allah. I doubt you’ll be late.

"We do have big mistakes where some of us have been discarded."

The letter appears to allude to a quarrel between the writer and one of Zarqawi's lieutenants over orders to carry out a suicide mission.
I’ll bet! And I can hear it now. Zarqawi: “Go forth and kill yourself, Hasim!” “No bloody way, Zarqs!” Zarqawi: “Allah commands it!” Hasim (beneath breath): “Think I’ll try Buddhism.”

"To conclude what has happened with us, he said either you carry out a martyr operation or go back to your family. After, we were told this was an order from the Sheik.

"Indeed, some of the brothers had returned back, some were recorded as martyred and the rest were hanging around and did not know what to do, besides they were humiliated and immorally treated.

"We have brothers that were tortured and jailed. They are harmless and nobody is meeting with them or asks about them.
And that’s because no one cares, Asim. Time to work it out, matey. You’re all just cannon fodder to this swine.

It is unlike the case in Fallujah where you used to come and visit us, and we enjoyed your party. The situation has changed dramatically and that is not acceptable to God," the letter said.
For ‘changed dramatically’, read: we’re getting our arses handed to us.

The writer said that he needed to speak personally with Zarqawi.

"And, to be honest with you, I really do not trust anyone anymore that says he is coming from your side," he said.
A textbook anti-insurgency result, really.

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