Give this Man a Cigar!

Man bares buttocks to French parliament

PARIS, May 12 (AFP) - An opponent of the EU's new constitution dropped his trousers in the French parliament Thursday to reveal the word "non" written over his buttocks.

Hmmm. ‘NON’. Three letters, two cheeks? I wonder how he managed it?

The man jumped down from the public gallery in the National Assembly during a session of questions to ministers, and succeeded in briefly exposing himself before being overcome by staff.
Poor devil. Overcome by staff? All that garlic breath, I guess.

He left behind a note condemning the "excesses of the referendum campaign" and apologising for "this brutal interruption into your parliamentary work." He signed himself Olivier Kimmel.
Well, Oliver, it’s nothing they wouldn’t have seen (or kissed, if you had been some third world dictator) before, so don’t sweat it, buddy.

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