You Will Understand And Tolerate

By AR - Leftists will always support and celebrate any form of aberrant behaviour. They kid themselves that it shows they are understanding and tolerant. But it is never enough for leftists to be understanding and tolerant themselves - they have to force others to follow their agenda. Parents of children attending Clara Barton Elementary School will find this out when they receive a letter from the principal and the superintendent advising them of a "journey" - the school janitor's journey from male to female. Brian Bonin has been a janitor at the school for nine years, but from next term he will be known as Brianna Bonin.

As the superintendent explains:
“We alerted parents to make it easier on them. It’s her life. We won’t tolerate prejudice. We teach our kids understanding and tolerance."
Yeah, it's her life, but everyone else has to make sure their perceptions don't clash with her new gender-transitioning lifestyle. That might be a bit much for such young children to deal with, but the principal is happy to outline his expectations of the little tykes:
“We expect the kids to accept this readily. They see a man with long hair and ask if he’s a girl. But we are aware that this can be a difficult topic for parents. If the kids ask, we suggest telling them that our custodian used to be a man, but is now a woman.”
How thoughtful that he acknowledges it might be a difficult topic for parents as he bravely decides just when the parents and children must face that topic. His advice might be somewhat premature, however, because B rianna is still Brian... at least until economic circumstances make her, sorry his sex-change operation feasible.
“I’m looking forward to becoming a woman. My doctor said they are trying to get such surgery covered by insurance, but it isn’t yet.”
So while Mr Bonin waits for someone else to pay for his sex-change, parents can explain to their children what pre-op means. Little children have a knack for stating the obvious. I wonder how many of them will be sent off for sensitivity training for pointing out the obvious to this janitor?

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