Help the poor - Back capitalism

The left like to waffle on about poverty and how much they care for the poor, socialism will uplift the masses and all that, but have a look at left-leaning countries and how they treat the poor, not waffling about them but how much they actually cough up to help the poor, how much they uplift the masses.
FOX News - Three months after U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon convened a task force on the global food crisis, the world’s richest oil-exporting nations remain among the biggest food-aid cheapskates. Donor lists obtained from the World Food Program, the United Nations’ food aid arm, show that Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela have contributed little or nothing to WFP's coffers, even after Ban's emergency appeal. At the same time, sky-high oil prices and imbalances exacerbated by swollen oil revenues have continued to worsen the food crisis.

While the oil exporters have kept their wallets closed, the United States, whose economy has been damaged by skyrocketing fuel prices, has nearly tripled its WFP donations to more than $1 billion from $363 million in early May. ....countries such as Iran, with oil revenues last year of $57 billion and nearly the same amount in the first six months of 2008; Kuwait, with 2007 oil revenues of $55 billion and $54 billion through June 2008; and Venezuela, with revenues of $44 billion in 2007 and $41 billion through June 2008, have added not a dollar to their marginal-to-non-existent WFP tallies.
Iran & the left - Hands off Iran anyone, if America has nukes why can't Iran, do everything possible to ensure no one can stop Iran from getting their nuke, talk with Iran with no conditions, will resign if anyone attacks Iran, will refuse to pay taxes if Iran is attacked, Stop Bush from Escalating into Iran.
Venezuela - Socialism, Chavez, enough said. Back in Jan 2008 Chavez was exposed for making a lot of promises and throwing a lot of fantasy money about but in reality was just another useless leftist parasite.

The Democrats were apparently whining at Iraq for running a budget surplus, like that's supposed to be a bad thing, but Iraq gave 40 million to the World Food Program. Gee, I wonder how they managed that, after all aren't we led to believe that it's all about oil and fat Texan oilmen are busy raping the country of all its money and resources. And what about America under Bush, much loathed by the left because they are apparently imperialistic and unilateral. Heck, they even want him tried for war crimes, I wouldn't be surprised if the mad left would even put aside their dislike for capital punishment and happily hang him if they could. Yet America under Bush tripled its donations. Like I often say folks, the left are all for the poor, for keeping them poor that is.

The evidence is in, if you really care for the poor, back America and Capitalism, if you hate the poor or are indifferent to their plight, back Socialism and the Left.

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