Guns, Liberty and Freedom

We often lament that the western world needs to fight back against its enemies and those who knowingly or unknowingly undermine the west. To fight back or defend yourself, you need two things that too many of us in the west lack, the will to fight and the means to fight. Even if you muster the will to fight, you are doomed if you don't have the means to fight. That's where guns come in, America's founding fathers understood this all too well. If you read the news across the western world you will see that our freedoms and way of life are slowly being eroded or being encroached upon. From radical Muslims creating no-go zones for Christians to Christians being persecuted for stating the obvious to elected governments practicing outright racism against white people.

Now I'm not calling on people to stock up on guns and ammo to start some sort of civil war, all I'm saying is that today they tell you to shove off from your neighborhood or else, they deny you a job because you are of a certain skin color. What will they do tomorrow or the month after or in the next year and ask yourself what recourse do you have. If someone tells you to shove off from your home because you're not their kind, what will you do when it's one of you and a whole lot of others against you. What will you do if you go to the state and they tell you that perhaps it's best if you leave, that way you won't undermine “community cohesion” and “feelings of public reassurance”! That's already happened. Also remember Lionheart. Below are examples of how gun control fails, how the state we thought could protect us is just as useless and as each day passes we lose a bit more of our freedom.
CNN, 2002 - The shooting in the town of Erfurt came on the same day that the German parliament approved a new bill tightening the country's already strict gun controls. ....Under the law approved on Friday, owners of airguns must now carry a licence. Germany already has strict laws governing gun ownership, except on airguns and starter pistols which are available to anyone aged 18 or over. People wanting to buy a hunting rifle must undergo background checks that can last up to a year and those wanting a gun for sport must be a member of a club and obtain a licence from police. Gun collectors also need a permit. ....Joachim Streitberger, head of the Weapons Rights Forum, an association representing legal weapons owners, told Reuters: "According to police statistics, only 0.004 percent of armed crimes are committed with a legally obtained firearm."
Obviously no one was interested in all that, down with the guns, ban guns and make it much harder for the law-abiding to carry a concealed gun, give security to the state, that way the sheeple are much safer! Fast forward to 2008, to see how it's all worked out. - FOUR people have been shot dead in the German town of Ruesselsheim. Police spokesman Ferdinand Derigs said the four victims were shot in an ice cream parlour near the town's train station, The Associated Press (AP) reported.
Needless to say, you won't hear the German parliament debating now whether gun control laws are stupid and only ensure the law-abiding are left defenseless. Whatever government, whether leftist or Conservative, it's not in their interests to let the populace, their masters, to have the means to hold them accountable if they ever become totalitarian in nature. Like shoving the EU down unwilling throats. Next up, you only have the rights you can defend and the state you thought would protect you is not even on your side anymore.
Daily Mail - A retired police officer bravely challenged yobs when a beer can was thrown at his car - only to be arrested himself and thrown in a cell. Former Inspector Paul Lawson, 52, had intended to make a citizen's arrest, but backed down when the youths threatened to kill him and smash up his vehicle. He reported the incident to two police officers on patrol, but they refused to take action. One of the gang later claimed to have been assaulted by Mr Lawson, however - and this time Northumbria Police did intervene. ....Mr Lawson was interviewed, held in a cell for two hours, and had his fingerprints and a DNA sample taken before he was released on bail. He then had to wait several weeks before a decision was made to take no further action against him. ....Chief Inspector John Barnes of Northumbria Police refused to comment on the incident, adding: 'Anyone who feels unhappy with the way they have been treated can make use of our official complaints procedure.'
In other words, just shove off, I don't have to give a damn, so write a letter to someone who gives a crap. The yobs go free, when the news spreads, the yobs will be emboldened and the law abiding will have yet another unofficial no-go area to avoid in a supposedly free country. You know that saying leftists like to throw around, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Paul Lawson just found out that the state considers him part of the problem. Moving on, it looks like the law that is supposed to protect us is yet to catch up to the reality of the world we live in today.
Daily Telegraph - The girl was walking along Adelaide St in the Port Stephens suburb of Raymond Terrace about 4.45pm when she was approached by the trio - one aged seven and two others aged about 10. ...."These kids have said 'We want you to come with us' but no explanation was given," he said. "The victim said 'no' and the seven-year-old allegedly has produced an implement and stabbed her in the hand." ....The seven-year-old was located after a search by detectives yesterday. He was questioned by police, but they were unable to take the matter further - either by laying charges or ordering counselling for the child - because the minimum age of criminal intent in NSW is 10.
So there you have it, he could be a real bastard, he could have caused the girl serious harm, heck he could even have planned the whole thing, but because he is considered to be a "baby", baby cannot be charged, named, shamed or anything, the police are completely helpless, politicians and judiciary are useless. Now if that girl, since she got stabbed, decided she might want to carry a weapon of some sort, after all the state has so obviously failed to protect her and this girl, then the police, the judiciary and the politicians (and also most of the public for that matter) will all coming running to wag their fingers at her and deny her this right, because apparently she and the other girl who was stabbed 48 times are much safer this way, go figure.

This is just on a local, personal level, on an international level we have just witnessed what the world really is like outside the western world. There everyone was thinking Russia is finished, but they just kicked their way into Georgia. Everyone mouthed the usual platitudes about peace and unity, Europe said something, Obama passed the buck to the UN and Bush shouted at Putin at the Olympics. This evening I read that Russia was halting military action because Georgia had paid enough for its attack on South Ossetia. That's like saying, I've stopped beating you because my arms are tired. The humiliating reality is that apart from America, the rest of us in the western world have neither the means nor the will to stand up to a Russia and what's even worse, most us don't even know it or perhaps we just don't care.

Georgia is a West-friendly nation, and I'm sure everyone is for a FREE Georgia, yet no one stepped in to actually FREE Georgia. I like to think that's just because we lack the means. Last I heard France managed to organize some sort of please-stop-beating-us arrangement which the Russians seem to be sticking to depending on their mood. You can have battalions of diplomats, EU, Nato, Soft power, weasel power, UN, alliances with X and Y but it's all useless if you have neither the means nor the will. To put it more crudely, what just happened is Ivan stared us in the eye and said, I'm kicking Georgia because I bloody well can, so what are you wankers going to do about it. I think we all know the answer to that.

My point is, if we don't even have the balls to arm and defend ourselves against thugs, thieves and radicals, what makes you think we'll have the spine to stand up to folks who might just beat the living tripe out of you for whatever reason and only stop when they get bored/tired. I believe the road back to freedom and securing our future liberty is not just through the right to bear arms, but actually bearing them. It is only when you cannot be pushed around by thugs in your own streets or by your own state will you have the means, the courage and the will to stand up to thugs on the global stage.

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