Feeling violent - Blame global warming

The Age - RISING temperatures are likely to bring increased levels of violence to Melbourne by 2010, and are highly likely to by 2030, a report being considered by the city council finds. A climate change risk assessment says increased temperatures are expected to exacerbate the relationship between hot weather, violence and anti-social behaviour. Hat tip Andrew Bolt.
Leftists like to pretend that they care if you get assaulted, robbed, raped or murdered. But in truth, they couldn't care less because if they did then they'd allow you to defend yourself with a weapon. They are just pretending to care about crime by working in the global warming angle, this way they can promote two of their pet causes. One, if you don't give up your car , flying and heater the globe will warm and there will be more crime. Two, apart from social justice, society and the full moon, leftists can now add global warming to the list to excuse criminal behavior and coddle criminals. While I'm on the global warming theme, have a look at this latte-sipping elitist demonizing planes and those who fly in them.
SMH - Travel is bad, very bad, for the fate of the planet, at least the kind of travel that has made globetrotting an Australian passion: air travel. [snip] The habit of flying, I have discovered since Begbie propelled me out of wilful ignorance into research mode, is about the worst impact a single person can exert on the fragile environment. A jet is not the brilliant means of transporting us quickly to pleasurable destinations. It is a toxic flying machine.

Planes emit a range of greenhouse gases that directly and indirectly raise the temperature of the atmosphere. And at the high altitudes at which planes cruise, the warming effect of these emissions is 2.7 times as great as the same emissions at ground level. The real issue is not so much the emissions produced for each kilometre a passenger travels. It is that planes allow us to travel so many kilometres in one journey, thus producing so much more pollution per passenger than driving a car does in a year. Hat tip Andrew Bolt.
Just like the car, the air conditioner, the clothes dryer, light bulb, flushing toilet etc, technological progress and improvements in the standard of living grates with the left to no end. She goes on waxing lyrical about how terrible planes and flying are but then makes excuses for those latte sipping elitists like herself so they don't have to lead by example.
Whether it is the "love miles" that are cut back - the visiting of far-flung relatives - or the international conferences, putting the passport in the bottom drawer would really hurt the people who probably care most about global warming. Those who have seen the world are likely to have not only a pile of frequent-flyer points but an affinity with the inhabitants of countries most imperilled by global warming.
As Andrew Bolt says - Brilliant! Horin must fly so she discover fresh reasons why she shouldn’t. Proof, incidentally, that what counts most with global warmers is the seeming, not the doing - the feeling, not the acting. Meanwhile the 2008 Olympics opened in Beijing yesterday, it was spectacular and while they were telling us about peace, harmony, unity and all that.
Asia News - The demonstrators, who arrived by bus, descended by the thousands in front of the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, despite the prohibition against demonstrating and the massive police presence, waving Tibetan flags and shouting "China thief, leave our country. Stop killing in Tibet. Stop the cultural genocide". Hundreds of policemen loaded them onto wagons ("like cattle", eyewitnesses say) and arrested at least 740 people. Yesterday, at least 513 of 2,000 demonstrators were jailed after gathering in front of an important Buddhist temple to pray and sing hymns. The police also assaulted and beat them.

Meanwhile, in Beijing, Zhang Wei remains in jail after being arrested two days ago for "disturbing the public order". According to his relatives (the police are not commenting), Zhang, whose home was demolished two years ago in the destruction of the historic Qianmen district in Beijing (it was rased to construct modern luxury buildings), made a request a few days ago to hold a demonstration today against government repression of dissent, in one of the three parks in the capital designated for this purpose. The permission was denied. Beijing has said that public protests and demonstrations are allowed during the Games only in these three parks, and with prior authorization. But park authorities say that as of yesterday, no demonstrations have been approved.
Business as usual. Since China now has the biggest carbon assprint, perhaps global warming is to blame.

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