Stupid bureaucrats want to destroy a unique horse

They should be using his blood to gather lifesaving antibodies -- but bureaucrats are incapable of dealing with unusual circumstances. They have their rules and that is that. Intelligent thought or human decency not allowed. Thank goodness for an owner who loves his neddies and is prepared to fight for them. If the ever-protesting animal-lovers want to do some good for a change, they could try picketing these bureaucratic tyrants

A $200,000 racehorse that contracted the deadly Hendra virus at Redlands Veterinary Clinic while it was being treated for an eye injury is now the subject of a legal battle over its future after it miraculously survived. The Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries is insisting the two-year-old gelding be destroyed but co-owner and breeder Warren Small wants to race the horse, Tamworth, again - or have him used for research.

Mr Small had threatened to sue the DPIF if it moved to put his horse down. He said he had also offered to sell the DPIF the horse for research into the little known virus.

Biosecurity Queensland Chief Veterinary Officer Ron Glanville said the organisation was simply following national guidelines on emergency diseases.


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