Rudd's "Grocery watch" is a farce too

Joining "Fuel Watch" in absurdity. Typical of government services. And the Left want the government to control more and more of our lives??

It has 20 per cent of the grocery market share but you won't find independent grocery chain IGA on the Federal Government's new Grocery Choice website. The chain of independently owned grocery stores has 1300 outlets nationwide, and 60 "Supa Stores" - which compete directly with the grocery giants Coles, Woolworths and Aldi - in NSW. But they have been lumped in with "independents" on the ACCC's Grocery Choice website launched on Wednesday.

IGA said their Supa Stores price matched the cheapest price on offer by Coles, Aldi and Woolworths on the top 2000 grocery lines. The deluge of complaints since Grocery Choice was launched forced the Government last night to admit the online system was inadequate and needed to be refined. Consumer Affairs Minister Chris Bowen admitted the $13 million grocerychoice website failed to meet all shoppers' needs to save money on groceries.

A mini-shop by The Daily Telegraph of bananas, shaved honey leg ham and fresh chicken breasts in Doonside found that IGA was cheaper overall than Coles or Woolworths. A kilo of bananas, a kilo of fresh chicken breasts and a kilo of shaved honey leg ham came to $27.94 at IGA Supa Store Doonside; the same basket of goods cost $28.87 at Coles Doonside and $32.39 at Woolworths Marayong.

Budget-conscious mother of three Kylie Thompson said she travelled an extra 4km each week from her home in Blacktown past her local Coles and Woolworths to Doonside to shop at the IGA Supa Store there because it was "much cheaper". "We've shopped everywhere looking for the cheapest place to get our food and this is it," she said. "Even when they don't have specials on, it's heaps cheaper here."

Supa IGA chairman Michael Daly said the Grocery Choice website was a "complete waste" of taxpayers' money because it was too general. He was joined by Southern Sydney Retailers' Association president Craig Kelly, who said the website was "misleading" and called for it to be "abandoned immediately". "Every day it remains operational, the GroceryWatch website is only causing an embarrassment to the Government and making the ACCC a laughing stock, completely discredited in the eyes of the public."


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