ALP - The peasants don’t count anymore

Herald Sun - BENNELONG community groups and constituents have accused Maxine McKew of turning her back on the electorate since the federal election. On the night of Labor's election victory, in a dig at John Howard, Ms McKew promised Bennelong would never again be taken for granted - but the former TV journalist is now being accused of doing exactly that. The Sunday Telegraph polled 40 Bennelong residents in the Eastwood shopping strip, just metres from the building where Ms McKew staged her campaign. Eighty-five per cent of voters said they hadn't seen her since before or immediately after the November election. [snip] "I'm surprised to hear these reputed comments from constituents,'' she [Maxine McKew] said. Hat tip Andrew Bolt.
Perhaps that should read - "I'm surprised to hear these reputed comments from the peasants!" Read the full article if you'd like to see folks who supported her, now lamenting her taking them for granted. Well, you bought the spin and the bull folks. Prior to winning an election, the left are all caring and doing it to bring freedom to the peasants, isn't that what the communists told the peasants in China. Once they have the power, everything changes, then they're too busy right now, full schedule, don't call me, I'll call you. Just like PM Dudd, before the election he was in touch and the buck stopped with him and he was going to govern for all Australians.

Now that it's all over and he has the top job, you can't even get the fellow, every time something happens like another one of his promises is blown out of the water it's, so long suckers, I'm off jetting around the world again, don't worry you won't be left out, you schmucks will get to pay the bill. To be precise - Mr Rudd has already spent twice as many days overseas on official business than John Howard did in his first year of government. [snip] Since being elected in November Mr Rudd has spent 32 days overseas on official business in trips covering 13 countries. This instead of lowering grocery prices and ridding the world of nuclear weapons.

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