Wake up and smell the .... Ruddster

Daily Telegraph [Malcolm Farr] - Daily Telegraph polling of Sydney voters reveals working families he invited to the fore of his election campaign are worried about going backwards. Almost 80 per cent of those surveyed by Galaxy said household finances had tightened since the change of government last November. And 56 per cent were less optimistic than they were in November. These are the people who helped get Rudd elected by lending their circumstances to his campaign rhetoric, and their votes to his elevation. As a reader’s comment on a Daily Telegraph blog said last week: “Kevin Rudd? Is he the man who occasionally deigns to visit Australia and watch. He seems to prefer to be always overseas or talking down the Australian economy.”
It would appear those that bought the spin and half-baked promises are starting to wake up. We're painfully finding out that when the Ruddster told us he knew our pain and he was in touch, that's not quite the same as knowing our pain and actually doing something about it. It's taken a while, but the electorate is finally seeing the Ruddster for what he really is, just a globe-trotter looking for glamor shots and taxpayer funded rides around the planet. Speaking of the planet, can someone tell him about the enormous carbon assprint that's the result of all his overseas trips. After all in a recent 60 Minutes interview, the Ruddster was telling us working families that global warming is probably one of the biggest if the not THE biggest challenge for the century and the reason's pretty clear - it affects everything. Well if it's so clear, how come you're running around the planet doing who-knows-what PM Ruddster. The carbon assprint thing is turning out to be a bit like the Ruddster's pre-election promise that the buck would stop with him, in reality it seems to stop with everyone else but him, so I guess the biggest challenge of the century also affects everyone but him.

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