Politicians and their whims

BBC - The Israeli cabinet has voted to release some 200 Palestinian prisoners as a goodwill gesture to Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas. .... Mr Abbas' aide described the move as "a step in the right direction", but said more prisoners should be set free. .... Israeli security officials must still approve the list, but it is likely to include two Palestinians implicated in deadly attacks against Israel in the 1970s.
Off course more prisoners should be set free, what terrorist organization on this planet prefers to have it's murderers locked up and unable to bomb and butcher without hindrance? Even if Israel frees all the prisoners, Abbas and the rest of the terrorists would still want more, more money, more land, more bombs etc the only thing they'd want less of are Jews and IDF soldiers pursuing them. Well, the politicians are happy to give them what they want and from what I can see without anything in return. So what do the folks at the frontline think about all this, after all it's them putting their lives on the line, doing the heavy lifting not the fat cats sitting around casting votes willy nilly.
JPost - The government's decision to release some 200 security prisoners - mainly from Fatah and including two with "blood on their hands" - to help Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is opposed by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), a senior defense official told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. .... "You have to hear the responses inside the Shin Bet to the release. They work day and night to capture and neutralize terrorists, and all of it is gone in an instant," he said. About 40 percent of security prisoners are released before completing their sentences, the defense source said. "People in the Shin Bet end up asking, 'Why do we capture these people? Where did all my work go? Where is the deterrence?'"
They go on to question what exactly will Israel be getting in return for releasing these 200 scumbags. Will there be an end to the rockets? Will the suicide butchers stop? Will Hamass and Fatah stop hating Jews and trying to wipe out Israel? Will the Arab street be praising Israel for their kind gesture? Will the global left be ooohing and aaahing over this? Will they get Gilad Schalit back? In a word, nope. Nothing of the sort is even being promised verbally let alone part of any agreement. So I guess the Shin Bet and the IDF working their asses off to catch these scumbags will just stop bothering. I mean really, what's the point of busting your ass to catch some terrorist when some political half-wits are just going to release them because it makes them feel warm and fuzzy. One advisor said that, around 20% of security prisoners engage in terrorism after being released, I wonder when that happens if those who voted so enthusiastically would offer themselves for a public flogging then.

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