Leftists hindering Aboriginals

The Australian - INDIGENOUS leader Noel Pearson has urged the Rudd Government to scrap the dole to Aborigines under the age of 21, saying the generous payments trapped people in a cycle of welfare. .... Speaking to business leaders in Cairns yesterday, Mr Pearson said young Aborigines were knocking back work because welfare payments were too generous. .... "Young people should be presented with two options: you either earn or learn. (Welfare payments) should not be an option for people under 21." .... Mr Pearson said welfare payments discouraged people from accepting low-paying entry-level jobs. "You can get more on CDEP than working for Comalco (Rio Tinto Aluminium)," he said.
Note he's not calling for old folks who can hardly walk to be whipped out of their homes and booted onto trucks and off to farms to be further whipped into working there or something. He's not calling for people in wheel chairs to be booted off to working, just young, fit lazy ones not interested in learning or working, that's it. Think about it, why should any young punk (Aboriginal or otherwise) of 17, 19, 21 or 25 years be allowed to get money that other people just like you worked for, for free?
His comments came as federal Employment Minister Brendan O'Connor rejected a call from indigenous leader Warren Mundine to cut welfare payments to the unemployed if they did not accept seasonal work in the horticulture industry, even if it meant moving across the country. Mr Mundine pushed for the welfare overhaul after the Government announced this week it would allow Pacific islanders to work in Australia to fill seasonal jobs, such as fruit picking. .... But Mr O'Connor said the Government would not look at Mr Mundine's proposal. .... "The Government is very committed to ensuring we provide every bit of support we can for indigenous jobseekers in order to close the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous people that are in work, but we will not treat Australians differently," Mr O'Connor said.
So there you have it, the Rudd government is more about gaseous, feel-good platitudes than any real actions. They'll mouth off the usual crap about "closing the gap" and building the freaking bridge into the sea and all that, but when it comes to giving certain people a firm push in the back, they're not interested. And what's this nonsense about not treating Australians differently, you have to wonder if there is even a brain in this fellow's head. To put it another way, this fool of a minister won't entertain telling young Aboriginals to get off their asses and move over to where the work is. So does this mean that the rest of us can pack up our lives and move up/down the coast and call the boss on monday morning and tell em' to bring the office to your back yard and if they don't we all just move onto welfare! Anyone game to put this fool's we will not treat Australians differently crap to the test, after all if the work has to go to Aboriginals in the bush, why can't it come to us on the beach and if it won't why can't O'Connor pay us and get foreigners in here to do the work?

I think this is a form of racism, because by halting welfare to Aboriginal youngsters and telling them to move to where the work is, just like with the rest of us, they might actually do that. They might just pick up and move if the state is not going to give them money for just sitting around doing nothing, they might get a job, save some money, buy a car, maybe a house, a TV, a bed, a lounge etc. Buy something with the fruits of their own labour and wait for it, get off the welfare rolls. And when they do this, they set an example for their children, have some pride and a sense of worth in themselves, like the rest of us. Oh but the left won't have any of that, no sir, can't have the Aboriginal people making something of themselves, standing on their own two feet, becoming independent of the white man's sit-down money. Oh no, can't have their children following their parents example and becoming productive, proud members of our country. Better they remain glorified beggars all their lives, while the lefties feel good about themselves burning through our tax dollars at closing the gap.

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