Menthol is racist

Betcha didn't know that! Apparently there is a bill before Congress to regulate what goes into cigarettes:
"Because the bill would ban the use of all other flavoring additives (like cloves and peppermint) but permit the use of menthol, and since menthol is overwhelming used by African American smokers -- including Black children -- it has already been damned for being racially insensitive if not outright racist by the Congressional Black Caucus, African American former HHH Secretary Louis W. Sullivan and most other former HHS Secretaries, the National African American Tobacco Prevention Network, and ASH, America's first antismoking organization.


Did you follow that? I am not sure I did but the idea seems to be that menthol encourages black kids to smoke and smoking is bad for you so allowing menthol in cigarettes is racist. When your argument is flimsy, the race card is always a great help. The article also claims that cigarettes are dangerously radioactive.

The article is by by Banzhaf, a lawyer notorious for far-out lawsuits about "threats" to health emanating from everyday products. I gather that his activities have made him a rich man.

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