Beware the gaseous leftist platitudes

09.10.2007 - Labor leader Kevin Rudd has promised an extra $2 billion for health and put forward a plan to end the blame game between the federal and state governments.
Kevin Rudd [14.10.2007] - And what I’m offering the Australian is new leadership, both to help working families under financial pressure and new leadership for a plan for our country’s future. ..... I will end the blame game between Canberra and the States. I'm prepared to put up my hand and say "The buck stops with me"
Kevin Rudd [15.09.2007] - Where instead the nation had a leader prepared to put his hand up and say, “the buck stops with me”. ..... What Australians are looking for is new leadership – new leadership that extends a helping hand wherever possible to working families in dealing with the problems of today.
Kevin Rudd [15.10.2007] - The other big challenge is offering help to working families under financial pressure. ..... But here are two areas where you can provide real assistance to working families. ..... Chris, what Australia is asking for is new leadership with fresh ideas for the nation’s future and fresh ideas to help working families.
04.01.2008 Our Treasurer Wayne Swan: [In answer to the question - Your Government campaigned to protect families against increased living pressures. Were they just empty promises?] Not at all. We take cost of living pressures very seriously. That's why we've given the ACCC the power to supervise and monitor what's happening with petrol prices. That's why we're putting in place a petrol cop on the beat in the ACCC and if there has been untoward activity from petrol companies in recent days the ACCC will get to the bottom of it and throw the book at those responsible.
Julia Gillard, Deputy PM [17.10.2007] - This $12 million Rudd Labor Government initiative will: Help meet the needs of working families....

Elections over and he and the left are running the country now, 27.08.2008 - PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has admitted Australians are worse off since he took power late last year, but says he is not to blame. ..... But he said it was not Labor's fault - instead it was the global economic slowdown and mismanagement by the previous Coalition Government.

Yeah, the buck stops with him and he will end the blame game alright. While I'm on the subject of lies, BS, spin, platitudes, whatever you want to call it, guess what another such leftist said the other day.

B. Hussein Obama [29.08.2008] - "I will cut taxes, cut taxes, for 95 per cent of all working families. Because in an economy like this, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle-class."

There is a lesson somewhere in the Australian story for Americans.

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