Radical Islam - Different preachers, Same hate

Daily Mail - Hardline female ‘preachers of hate’ are radicalising Muslim women at one of Britain’s top mosques. The Saudi Arabian preachers were secretly filmed ordering women to murder gays and ex-Muslims. Undercover reporters from Channel 4’s Dispatches recorded the lectures in the women’s section of Regent’s Park Mosque in London. An unnamed Saudi woman is seen mocking other religions – labelling Christianity ‘vile’ and an ‘abomination’. Another, known as ‘Angelique’, claims Britain is a ‘land of evil’.

The investigators attended lectures for two months at the mosque, which had promised a clean-up after another Dispatches probe just 18 months ago exposed it for spreading extreme Islamic views. During one sermon, a woman called Um Amira says: ‘He is Muslim, and he gets out of Islam...what are we going to do? We kill him, kill, kill.’ In the programme, to be screened tomorrow, she adds that women adulterers should be stoned to death and people who have sex before marriage should get ‘100 lashes’.

...... One Saudi woman, who mocks other religions, says: ‘We feel nothing sometimes going past the church. What they say with their tongues is so vile and disgusting, it’s an abomination.’ ...... The man in charge of the mosque, Dr Ahmed Al Dubayan, is Islamic Affairs attaché to the Saudi Embassy. Dr Al Dubayan said he did not know the preachers in the documentary and claimed the mosque ‘does not support or condone extreme views’.
What the western world needs to do is catch these women preaching this hate, jail them for a certain period of time. Whilst in jail, no special arrangements like foot baths, prayer rooms, rearranging of toilets etc. Once the jail time has been served, deportation back to Saudi Arabia or wherever they came from, if they are born in the UK, then pay any country on the planet that will take them in, may it be Syria or Angola. If possible, the same for this Dr Ahmed Al Dubayan who doesn't have a clue.

If we lack the stomach to do this, think they have a right to say this and are not prepared to do this, then I fear there are only two outcomes. One, convert to Islam, live as Dhimmi's in our own lands and disappear into the History books in the hope that some other culture will learn from our mistake. Two, in years to come when this does not stop, when the Islamic radicals still won't stop hating us, then we will have to get far nastier than we would today. I'd much rather we punish the radicals now than punish the guilty and innocent in the future.

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