Anti-knife hysteria

Daily Telegraph - SOME children carry knives like "fashion accessories", with dozens of people stabbed across Sydney every week, doctors and police said yesterday. Suburbs in Sydney's southwest and west have emerged as the most dangerous, with at least 26 people stabbed each week, The Daily Telegraph has learned. There were 1300 stabbings in Sydney last year and 2319 across NSW, a 38 per cent jump in just seven years. [snip] There has been a 40 per cent jump in knife assaults in Fairfield and Liverpool in just 12 months. St Vincent's Hospital's data shows the number of life-threatening stabbings tripled in the past three years. [snip] Shadow legal affairs spokesman Greg Smith said a jail term should replace the $550 fine for possessing a knife in a public place. The call has been backed by the head of St Vincent's emergency department.

LiveNews - St Vincents emergency ward doctor Gordian Fulder has told 2GB’s Jason Morrison the community has to come down hard on groups of people who believe carrying a knife is a rite of passage. “I think society has to act – government only does what the voters want them to do, in a way – and I think we as a society just have to get very heavy," he said "You have no bloody reason to carry a knife out of the kitchen."
Well how about cutting an apple in your living room, do we need to get permission from this nannying doctor for that? Sorry doc, you have no right to tell me what I can and cannot carry out of my kitchen. The uncomfortable reality is that a lot of people who carry knives on them for self defense are far more in touch with the situation on the ground that the rest of the populace. They know that the bad guys have guns and knives, how else do "armed" robberies happen, how else do people get shot, stabbed and killed. I'm sure to an extent even the populace knows gun control is stupid, if they really believed having no weapons made them safer, then why don't they all have "Gun-Free" and "Weapons-Free" stickers on their house, car and self.

The fact is that the state cannot guarantee your safety, no matter how much whining, wailing, laws and nannying hysterics the public get up to. Every time someone gets robbed, raped, shot, stabbed etc is proof that the state cannot protect you. You can have the toughest laws and still there will be a few who will fall prey to criminals. Having said that, tough laws won't happen here, very few of us have the stomach to execute evil scumbags for one, our judiciary and politicians find it incredibly difficult to lock pedophiles up, when last was a criminal locked up for the rest of his life, never to be released. Do we honestly think that we have the collective stomach to lock up 14 year-olds for carrying a knife but not using it to commit a crime.

At my blog, have a read of the categories of Crime and Justice Denied and you will see, ain't gonna happen folks. From an individuals perspective, the only solution is to allow people to carry concealed weapons on themselves and allow them to defend themselves with these weapons when attacked. If you think that all of us surrendering our weapons and walking around bare-assed makes us safer, then all you will ensure is that if you or your family, or someone else for that matter, are attacked you and that other person will have nothing to defend yourself with. Just last week some evil SOB literally carved up some poor bastard on a bus in Canada, the knife was illegal and fortunately for him, no one on that bus is allowed to carry a weapon to protect themselves or anyone else, so much for knife control huh.

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