"Psycho" is a bad word

And we must pretend that mad people are normal, apparently:
"He was Australia's answer to the Crazy Frog but Psycho Teddy's ringtone frenzy has been toned down after protests from a mental health charity. The dancing bear's antics proved hugely popular with his eponymous debut ringtone leaping into the top 5 of the ARIA charts when it was released as a single in May.

While his lyrics encourage cuddling, Sane Australia's StigmaWatch objected to the use of the word psycho and promotional material which described the cute character's transformation when he received a text "at a bad time". "He's cute, he's cuddly, he's a great dancer but he is also insane. Don't call him at a bad time or you may trigger a psychotic episode", touted Teddy's reps.


And I am sure it is very naughty of me to use the word "mad". But my doctorate is in psychology so I use it in full knowledge of what is involved. The video is below. It just seems nonsense to me but I guess I am a old grouch.

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