BBC "inadvertently" funding terror

Daily Mail - Children in Need inadvertently handed £20,000 to the 7/7 London bombers, it emerged last night. The BBC charity cash was given to a bookshop run by Mohammed Siddique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, who spent it on videos glorifying holy war. It also funded computers, gym equipment and the rafting trip made by the pair a month before their attacks claimed 52 lives. David Ramsden, the charity’s chief executive, said last night he was extremely concerned by the claims and had ordered an investigation. He insisted however that the charity had had no idea the money was being used to fund terrorism.
Sure you didn't, given the leftwing infestation and hatred of Israel at the BBC, I wouldn't be surprised if he's only very concerned and all that because they've been exposed. You have to wonder in this day and age of Islamic terrorism why organizations aren't taking all the steps they can to ensure the money they give away isn't being used for evil purposes. If the money were handed over to say, some charity run by the Anglican church for example, you could comfortably assume it wouldn't be used to fund terrorism, but when it's handed over to Muslims?
The £20,000 – donated between 1999 and 2002 – went to Leeds Community School in Beeston. Along with £230,000 from Leeds city council, it was spent on the school and the adjoining Iqra bookshop, which was run by the bombers and became the place they hatched their plans. Both Children in Need and the council were led to believe they were funding educational work for children. But, according to Martin Gilbertson, who worked at the bookshop and the community centre, the funds went on propaganda. ‘They blamed everything on the Jewish conspiracy, they hated Western culture it was like living with jihad on a daily basis’, he said. .... According to Mr Gilbertson, the three obtained hundreds of thousands of pounds of council cash which they used for terror purposes. Graham Foulkes, whose son David, 22, was killed by Khan’s bomb, claimed charities were too afraid of being seen as racist or Islamophobic to ask questions of community groups.
And now that the truth has been exposed, do you think the leftists will be giving up their political correctness since it's getting people killed, fat chance folks. Once the dust has settled and the heat's off, I'm sure they'll go back to their usual, don't ask, don't inquire, always assume innocence until proven guilty and after numerous appeals unless it's whitey/Christian.
.... A statement issued by the charity last night said: ‘The grants made by BBC Children In Need to Leeds Community School, itself a charity registered with the Charity Commission, were given in good faith in 1998 and 1999.
I'm sure the flight schools in the US also trained those scumbags in good faith. This is a news organisation for heaven's sake, don't they know what the heck is going on around the world? Exactly how many people need to be blown to pieces and Islamic charities and organisations need to be exposed as fronts for Islamic terrorism before these morons who are paid to be in-the-know are actually in-the-know. I like to think that the leftists at the BBC are simply crippled by their PC ideology to be wary, but I can't shake the feeling that perhaps they're not blinded or crippled, rather they don't care if the money ends up funding terror.

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