Sydney - Poofter* capital of Australia

Daily Telegraph - First there were nuclear-free zones, then alcohol-free zones. Now gay-friendly Sydney is set to introduce homophobia-free zones. In an Australian first, the City of Sydney is moving to single out parts of the city for a crackdown on homophobic behaviour. The policy is still being finalised, but Oxford St - as well as parts of Darlinghurst, King St, Newtown and Erskineville Rd, Erskineville - will be recognised by the council as gay and lesbian precincts.

The move, passed by a vote of five to four, could allow the City of Sydney Council to revoke late-night trading privileges for venues if their patrons commit homophobic abuse or violence. It could also require venues to include anti-homophobia measures in staff training and patron management programs. Local businesses will be encouraged to use signs and window stickers to declare their premises homophobia-free. Hat tip Andrew Bolt.
What a bunch of drama queens, it's as if homos are being hanged from lamp posts all around Australia or something. I think it's nothing more than a useless, whiny, cry for attention. Perhaps the gay crowd can't deal with the fact that they no longer have that curiosity factor, that we have now become indifferent to them. You want to be gay, dress up like the opposite sex, engage in unnatural forms of sexual activity, yeah whatever, good luck then, knock yourself out. Just on this nonsense, I wonder what'll happen to local business who choose not to display homophobia-free signs and whatever else. Will the whiners whining for tolerance and acceptance tolerate that?

Also, is the bastion of equality and tolerance that is the City of Sydney Council implying that straight folks in the homophobia-free zones are somehow less equal, have less rights or something? Are they sending a message to those that don't want to associate with homosexuals, that perhaps it would be best if they just shove off. Or do they consider assaulting and hanging homos the same as simply not going to the local gay bar. What next, everyone will be strongly encouraged to prance around at that annual homo parade and engage in homosexual practices or else. I don't know folks, getting a lot of mixed messages here. Speaking of drama queens, mixed messages and bloviating leftists.
The Australian - US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has chosen his Senate colleague, Joseph Biden, as his vice presidential running mate, CNN television reported today. .... The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Biden would bring decades of national security experience on board, having first been elected to Congress at the age of 29 in 1972. On the campaign stump this week, Senator Obama has singled out Senator Biden for praise over his response to the crisis in Georgia and proposals to extend more US economic aid to Afghanistan.
And perhaps as a sign of what things would be like under an Obama-Biden administration.
The Australian - Barack Obama and Joseph Biden both fluffed their lines today as the new White House running mates ceded an opening to their Republican enemies by veering off-script. Perhaps it was the temperature nudging 100 F (37.8 C) that forced Senator Obama into a slip of the tongue as he introduced Senator Biden as "the next president'' before correcting it to vice president. .... If the silver-tongued Senator Obama does not often slip up, Senator Biden comes with a treasure trove of gaffes that is already feeding the Republican attack machine. The Delaware senator, 65, was in full cry against Senator McCain when he botched his new boss's name, saying "Barack America'' today.
*Poofter : uncomplimentary term for a gay man, homosexual. Source: Australian Slang. Sorry Sydney-siders, I know not all of you are like those wankers* at the City of Sydney council, but I couldn't help it.
*Wanker : a male person who's unpopular and fairly stupid but this person thinks he is the greatest.

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