Victor Davis Hanson takes down the Angry Reader


The ostensible cassi belli for attacking Iraq were to destroy Saddam's WMD (nonexistent), stop his nuclear bomb development program (nonexistent), and eliminate his ties to al Qaeda (nonexistent). We can't "win" the Iraqi war because its illusory objectives were never possible of attainment.

Over 4,000 brave Americans are dead, another 30,000+ wounded and maimed, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed, millions wounded, millions displaced, and for what? The hope that Iraq will become a Jeffersonian democracy? Oh, yes: over a trillion dollars of America's treasure will have been flushed before we are quit of the hell hole that is Iraq.

We had Saddam boxed in and could have tightened the screws to our heart's content without putting a single boot on the ground. Why don't you admit to yourself and the world that the only "failure" in this war would be if Halliburton — which has already screwed America out of $billions — were denied the opportunity to plunder Iraq's oil fields.

The straw men that you have set up to knock down are all hypothetical and unrealistic.

In sum, you're an apologist and shill for the avaricious oilmen who are America's President and Vice President.

Be a man and fess up.

Howard T. Goodman

* * * * *

The Paranoid Style


Calm down Mr. Goodman, and employ logic rather than the same old, same old Bush/Cheney/oil conspiracy vocabulary.

The reasons for going into Iraq (did you intend casus belli? rather than your nonsensical cassi belli ("absences of war" ?) were spelled out by the Senate and House that passed the authorizations for invasion on October 11-12, 2002.

MK - Folks, when I saw the 'nonsensical' from VDH I knew, from there on it's all downhill for Howard. Read the rest over at Private Papers. Some would even say VDH tore him a brand, spanking new one. Fortunately for Howard, VDH mercifully didn't sign off with a 'Kind Regards, VDH'.

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