Thanks to gun control & 'weapons-free' zones

Daily Telegraph - While the school has security fencing, the gates were open for students who were running late. But at 8.50am, chaos erupted when five boys aged 14 to 16 dressed in jeans and hooded jumpers stormed the assembly, making threats with baseball bats, machetes and a samurai sword. School principal Liliana Mularczyk yelled out "lock-down" - and the teachers quickly ushered their students inside classrooms. The gang of boys pursued them, searching for a student over a perceived slight said to be about one of their cousins. Using their weapons, they smashed their way through glass windows to gain access to the classrooms. Two teachers and seven students - three of them female - were injured after being assaulted and cut by flying glass.

A senior teacher named Henry remonstrated with the attacker on the quadrangle. "You cannot do this," he said. "You have to leave." The attacker brandished the sheathed sword at the teacher and then swung the weapon. The sword struck the teacher on the left side of his torso. .... And when police stormed the school six minutes after the original attack, the attackers - four of whom were of Pacific Islander background and one of Middle Eastern origin - showed no fear. The youths, who are associated with a Guildford-based gang known as Gee40, laughed while in police custody and claimed there was more to come in their reign of terror.
This was back in April, there were 750 students at that school, 5 boys terrorized the lot of them and why not. The teachers had training and had a plan, it just happened to be a fancy and complicated way of running, hiding, cowering, begging and waiting for someone else to come to the rescue. Our educational institutions are incapable of putting together an plan or program that teaches 20 or more students in such situations to band together, grab the nearest chair, desk, mop, books, anything and throw it at their attackers. And so the next generation of cowards is being trained to never fight back, always be unarmed, always run, always hide, always cower, always beg and always wait for someone else to rescue you.

The youths laughed at the 750 students, the police, the teachers, the law and the citizens because they can, they have nothing to fear and no one could stop them. You might think the police stopped them, think outside this incident, the police and the law are merely delaying them. The courts won't punish them, they're not afraid of the courts, this is what they think of the courts. At the time I remember the investigations found these punks were bragging quite openly on the net about the number of crimes they've been caught for far exceeding the number they actually committed. Head over to the land of the free for a moment, this is how you remain free and this is how you raise the next generation of free & responsible adults, not big children. - The isolated, 110-student school near the border with Oklahoma is thought to be the first in the US to allow guns in the classroom. School officials say arming teachers is the only way to protect the old brick schoolhouse, which is 30 minutes from the nearest police station. .... The Harrold policy requires that each teacher who carries a gun be approved by its school board, earn a concealed carry licence, and complete training in crisis management and hostage situations. Guns must be worn - not locked in a safe - and loaded with ammunition designed to blast into powder instead of ricocheting through the hallways.

The decision to arm teachers wasn't a far-fetched idea for this ranching community, said Bridget Knight, who lives in nearby Vernon. "For Harrold, it makes total sense.'' Its windswept fields were ranch country, she said, where guns were a mainstay - if not to stop a madman, then to shoot a snake, a wild hog, a wild dog or coyote that might run onto the playground. Even Harrold children were raised to handle guns, said Lee Anderson of nearby Wichita Falls, Texas. "Most high school seniors been huntin' on their own since the age of 12,'' he said.
Take it a step further, if the kids who've been raised with guns all their lives are also allowed to carry them to school, do you honestly think our 5 gang bangers, heck make it 20 gang bangers will be swaggering into that school, breaking, beating and doing whatever they feel like. Perhaps if they've got some sort of suicide wish.

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