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Times Online - Britain's great seafaring tradition is to provide a unique insight into modern climate change, thanks to thousands of Royal Navy logbooks that have survived from the 17th century onwards. [snip] “Ships’ officers recorded air pressure, wind strength, air and sea temperature and other weather conditions. From those records scientists can build a detailed picture of past weather and climate.” A preliminary study of 6,000 logbooks has produced results that raise questions about climate change theories. One paper, published by Dr Dennis Wheeler, a Sunderland University geographer, in the journal The Holocene, details a surge in the frequency of summer storms over Britain in the 1680s and 1690s. Many scientists believe storms are a consequence of global warming, but these were the coldest decades of the so-called Little Ice Age that hit Europe from about 1600 to 1850.
Yet more evidence that after billions and billions of dollars of our money has been wasted the so-called experts have little idea. But you watch, the global warming crazies will not let up, never! You bastard humans must pay, whether it's hot, cold, windy, rainy, like whatever man, just pay up! Now a surprise from hollywood, perhaps it's not as infested with lefties as we suspected.
The Weekly Standard - The set jumps to life. Two young men--both terrorists--enter the station. They are surprised to see a security checkpoint manned by two NYPD officers. "I'll need to see your bag, please," says one of the officers. The lead terrorist glances nervously at his friend and swings his backpack down from his shoulder to present it to the cops. Just as the officer pulls on the zipper, however, a small army of ACLU lawyers marches up to the policemen with a stop-search order. The cops look at each other and shrug their shoulders. "This says we can't search their bags." The young men are relieved. They smile fiendishly as they walk toward the crowded platform. As the lead terrorist once again slips the backpack over his shoulder, he mutters his appreciation.

"Thank Allah for the ACLU."

Zucker's latest movie, An American Carol, is unlike anything that has ever come out of Hollywood. It is a frontal attack on the excesses of the American left from several prominent members of a growing class of Hollywood conservatives. Hat tip Andrew Bolt.
Write it down somewhere folks, you know you probably won't hear of it if it's allowed to come out. I'm waiting to hear charges of hatred, bigotry and racism to be labelled against the movie and some sort of smear campaign to be hastily cobbled together to try and stifle it. I'm not expecting this at the theatres either, like with the Michael Moore crockumentaries, he gets the big screen while "Moore hates America" is somewhere at the back of the video store. Next, political correctness hobbling crime fighting.
Daily Mail - Police officers in an area with a high crime rate are being taken off the beat for an awareness course on sex changes. The half-day training class is meant to help them deal with a colleague who is beginning a new life as a woman. [snip] In his letter, Mr Sharp informed staff that the sex-change officer, a 42-year-old married PC now called Lauren, had been suffering from gender identity dysphoria. [snip] Mr Sharp wrote: 'As from today, Lauren starts her new life and over the next few weeks you will receive awareness training during which you will be able to read a personal letter from Lauren. 'I trust you will have the same determination as I have to help Lauren return to work with as little fear and trepidation as is possible. . . but feel much happier than she has ever done before.' He called upon them to treat her as they would a close family member.
That last bit really means, you better treat her as a close family member or else! I'm guessing this is the famous leftist tolerance we keep hearing about, are expected to abide by but are seldom the receipients of. Those getting robbed and raped while the coppers are getting feelings-training will just have to deal with it, because providing emotional support to PC Lauren is more important! I wonder who actually paid for the sex-change, wouldn't surprise me in the least if it was the taxpayer. Soon we'll probably be hearing news of some sort of lawsuit because PC Lauren wasn't adequately supported by the police force service. After all how bigoted of you to even try and quantify the level of emotional support that someone with gender identity dysphoria requires! What ever you can provide simply won't be enough, a 6 figure sum would be a good start though.

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