Leftists Still Hating Children

By AR - Sure, he's trying to be funny, but Simon Webster writing in the SMH's Environment section, knows what his audience likes to hear.
THERE'S no doubt about it: humans are bad for the environment, and the sooner we're all wiped out by plague, pestilence and rising oceans, the better off we'll be. If only we didn't reproduce, all our problems would have been solved long ago. But even the greenest of eco-warriors will keep having eco-nookie, the naughty things, and the result can all too often be a little bundle of greenhouse gases just waiting to be emitted.
This is clearly an attempt at humour, although to most of us it is utterly unfunny. But leftists will titter and congratulate themselves, knowing it is only a joke, and the ones who think they are smart may even misdescribe it as irony. The ridiculous premises will get a laugh, but they'll say to each other, "That's true, you know". What a great pun, "a little bundle of joy" becomes a "little bundle of greenhouse gases," and "just waiting to be emitted," is funny because babies do nothing but emit.
Let's start at the bottom. The typical baby goes through 6000 disposable nappies, says the NSW Department of the Environment and Climate Change. About 800 million nappies a year are added to Australian landfill, where those cute little pictures of Winnie the Pooh are mummified for centuries.
Just to show it's not all a joke, how about some statistics to remind you just how much a baby contributes to landfill?
Of course, there is more to babies than poo. There is vomit as well.
Enough with the "emitting" jokes.
Finally, when they graduate to solid food, make your own if you have the time, and make it organic; not only does organic farming help the environment, but studies have shown children to be particularly vulnerable to pesticides.
Make your own organic food? Not sure what the hell Webster is suggesting, but I wouldn't put anything beyond greenies. And as for pointing out that children are "vulnerable" to pesticide... no, I won't go there.

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