Laugh of the day: Moronic "health" warning

Crazy health warning over Chinese erection drug Nangen Zengzhangsu. Why the warning? Because it contains sildenafil. Sound bad? LOL! Sildenafil is just the chemical name for Viagra!

The [South Australian] Health Department has warned men to avoid a Chinese drug for erectile dysfunction because it can cause heart attacks or strokes in vulnerable users. Chinese medicine Nangen Zengzhangsu can contain prescription-only drugs and is not commonly available in Australia, but can be purchased overseas or ordered online. It contains the drugs glibenclamide, used to treat diabetes, and sildenafil, which is used to treat erectile disfunction and should not be used by people with heart problems. The side effects of sildenafil range from sudden cardiac death, heart attack or stroke to headache and abnormal vision.

"Sildenafil should not be used by individuals taking any type of nitrate drug, due to the risk of developing potentially life-threatening low blood pressure," said SA Health's Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paddy Phillips.

Glibenclamide can cause dangerously low blood sugar levels if used inappropriately, causing dizziness, confusion, vomiting, loss of consciouness or fitting. Canadian health authorities issued a similar warning in June, following an alert from the Hong Kong Department of Health early this year. SA Health only issued the warning yesterday, after a 60 year-old South Australian man suffered an adverse reaction to the drug.

According to the Canadian authorities, it can also be sold under the product name Sanbianwan, Jiu Bian Wang, Tian Huang Gu Shen Dan, Zui Xian Dan Gong Shi Zi, and Power Up. "Anyone who has this product is advised not to use it and to consult their medical practitioner if they have any health concerns related to its use," Professor Phillips said. "Patients taking any kind of alternative medical treatment should be aware of what the medication contains and the potential side effects involved and should inform their doctor they are taking the product."


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