Gun control and Socialized medicine

Both are working out real swell under leftist [shock-horror] rule in Britain.
Daily Mail - His declaration that all youths involved in alcohol-related violence should expect to go to jail was seen as striking a blow for safer streets. And as a senior legal figure, Judge Graham Cottle's vow to take a 'zero tolerance' approach carried serious weight. Except, it seems, in his own courtroom. Days after his remarks were reported, the Recorder of Exeter decided against locking up a drunken yob who had threatened to stab a policeman with a carving knife. Dean Parsons walked away with a suspended sentence after the judge took pity on him because he was an alcoholic. Four young men caught up in a drunken brawl in which one was blinded in one eye also got away with just a fine.
Now that the yobs are back on the streets and they decide to go looking for their victims, to finish the job, what will they do, if they like the can go and whine at the police or their local politician, but legally they aren't allowed to carry anything to protect themselves. The cops aren't going to send a car around and a bobby to stand outside their home. This is what happens when you outsource your security to the state, you get neither security nor justice. Let's look at how healthcare works out when you outsource that the state.
Daily Mail - Hundreds of cancer patients are being left to die on the NHS because of a postcode lottery over who gets life-saving drugs. A study has found that more than 1,300 patients with rare forms of cancer have been refused access to treatments in less than two years because their case was not deemed 'exceptional' enough. They will be forced to go without the life-saving treatments, unless they can afford to pay privately for the drugs. But if they do so, they risk having all their other NHS care withdrawn, because the Government outlaws 'co-payments'.
Can you imagine that, the state promises "free" healthcare, but then they won't pay for certain life-saving drugs, and then if you happen to have enough money to pay for them because you scrimped and saved, they'll punish you for having that money, like you're some sort of vermin or something! What else can you say but, socialist scumbags!

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