The left want to foist this upon America

Yahoo!7 - A Seven News investigation has revealed hospital blunders have led to dozens of serious injuries or deaths. Secret internal documents detail the errors in Western Sydney hospitals, and outline a two year review of investigations into blunders that can mean the difference between life and death. 61 people have died following serious mistakes over the past two years. The reasons for these deaths have until now been kept under wraps, because the information is not made public. Those reasons include surgical material or instruments left inside patients, procedures performed on the wrong patient or wrong body part, and incorrect diagnosis. Furthermore, a report in 2006 led to a raft of recommendations, but 40 percent of them were ignored, and 20 percent were implemented after serious delays.

Daily Mail - The NHS drugs rationing body is forcing cancer patients to remortgage their homes to pay for medicines freely available elsewhere in Europe, senior doctors warned yesterday. More than 20 leading cancer consultants said they were 'dismayed' at guidance issued by Nice - the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - to refuse four kidney cancer drugs on the NHS. Accusing Nice of rationing too severely, they called for a radical change in the way the NHS makes decisions. .... The outcry follows draft guidelines from Nice this month on the drugs sunitinib, bevacizumab, sorafenib and temsirolimus. The body concluded that the therapies - which can extend a patient's life by months - were not good value.

Daily Mail - Labour's record on the NHS came under unprecedented attack yesterday from one of Britain's most senior doctors. Professor Paul Goddard, a former president of the Royal Society of Medicine, accused the Government of leading the NHS into 'catastrophic meltdown'. The award-winning professor directed particular anger at the drugs-rationing body Nice, which he accused of virtually killing patients to save money. He said Labour's obsession with bureaucracy and political correctness had resulted in dire care for patients. Money-saving practices, introduced to meet strict Whitehall targets, had contributed greatly to the rise of superbugs killing patients on hospital wards. Professor Goddard said he became so disillusioned he ended his 30-year career as a consultant radiologist in disgust.

MK - Naturally they'd insist they have Americans' best interests at heart. This I find extremely hard to believe, given how Socialized medicine and just about any form of socialism has turned out anywhere else in the world.

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