Little support for recent immigration changes in Australia

Less than a quarter of people believe Australia's policies toward asylum seekers in recent years have been too tough, a poll has found. Under changes unveiled by Immigration Minister Chris Evans last week, asylum seekers and visa overstayers will now be detained only if they are judged to pose a risk to the community.

But the new Essential Media poll suggests the softer approach may be unpopular. The poll found just 24 per cent of people believed detention policies have been too tough, while 34 per cent thought they were "about right'' and 28 per cent thought they were not tough enough.

Asked about the Rudd Government's decision to increase Australia's refugee intake to 13,500 people a year, 52 per cent of people said they thought the number was too high. A quarter of people said the number was about right, while just 6 per cent said the number was too small.


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