Still yearning to abandon Iraq

ABC News - Thousands of anti-war protesters have marched through the US city of Denver ahead of the Democratic National Convention, which starts tomorrow (Australian time). Police in riot gear, on horseback, and others on bikes monitored the protest march as it moved through the city. .... The Denver convention falls on the 40th anniversary of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago which erupted in violence as anti-Vietnam protesters fought running battles with police.
That folks, is our local taxpayer funded ABC fantasizing about the opposition to the war in Iraq. Thousands they crone, thousands. In truth though it's a far cry from thousands.
The Windor Star - Propping up a large banner beneath the steps of the Colorado State Capitol dome, 25-year-old Weston Wilson was clearly underwhelmed with the anti-war protest taking shape around him. "I'm a little bummed out," the Denver English major and seasonal landscaper said Sunday morning, estimating his fellow anti-Iraq war marchers at no more than 700. Wilson was well aware of the hype that preceded this day: one group, calling itself Re-create 68, was hoping for a turnout of 10,000 to 20,000 and was advocating for a re-creation of the infamous 1968 Chicago Democratic convention when protesters battled police for more than a week.
Perhaps most of the anti-war brigade have wizened up to the reality over in Iraq, perhaps after years and years of keeping their eyes tightly shut, hands pressed firmly against their ears and screaming their lungs out, they've finally accepted that they could not defeat & humiliate America, that American troops are not the murdering bloody thirsty killers the left insisted they were. None the less, given the leftists' passion for peace, social justice, no war and all that, you'd think that they'd be able to muster even a 100 protesters to picket outside the nearest Russian embassy/consulate over Georgia.

Has anyone heard of such marches, has anyone heard of leftists anywhere in the world day-dreaming about sending Russia back. Has anyone heard of any leftists being underwhelmed or "bummed out" that few or none turned out to scream at jackboot Putin? Impeaching Putin, war crimes, anything? At my blog I try to keep a record of the news stories that come out of Iraq. Not the usual terrorist murdering, it's all bad, the was is lost, every square metre bombed & burned 24/7; but the other stories, those that our 'unbiased' media are strangely not interested in. Have a browse, perhaps those stories are the reason why the left are still calling for the abandoning of Iraq and aren't very vocal on Georgia.

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