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"Adding Up to Failure

A good education requires balance. Students should learn to appreciate a variety of cultures, sure, but they also need to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Judging from the courses that the nation’s leading education colleges offer, however, balance isn’t a goal. The schools place far more emphasis on the political and social ends of education than on the fundamentals.

To determine just how unbalanced teacher preparation is at ed schools, we counted the number of course titles and descriptions that contained the words “multiculturalism,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” and variants thereof, and then compared those with the number that used variants of the word “math.” We then computed a “multiculturalism-to-math ratio”—a rough indicator of the relative importance of social goals to academic skills in ed schools. A ratio of greater than 1 indicates a greater emphasis on multiculturalism; a ratio of less than 1 means that math courses predominate. Our survey covered the nation’s top 50 education programs as ranked by U.S. News and World Report, as well as programs at flagship state universities that weren’t among the top 50—a total of 71 education schools.

The average ed school, we found, has a multiculturalism-to-math ratio of 1.82, meaning that it offers 82 percent more courses featuring social goals than featuring math. At Harvard and Stanford, the ratio is about 2: almost twice as many courses are social as mathematical. At the University of Minnesota, the ratio is higher than 12. And at UCLA, a whopping 47 course titles and descriptions contain the word “multiculturalism” or “diversity,” while only three contain the word “math,” giving it a ratio of almost 16."  (bold mine)


There you have it--the reason an empty leftist figurehead is now the Prime Minister of Australia, a lying, devious woman whose party stole $800,000 of taxpayer's money to fund her election campaign is still the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and why Barack Obama is being treated as the Messiah by hordes of worshipping, near-hysterical young people in the U.S.

A couple--more, probably--of generations of young people who've been indoctrinated by their teachers with the PC crap that passes for much of education get their information from such sources as Wikipedia and YouTube, making them ripe for exploitation by any well-oiled pr machine that understands the new reality--that politicians now are elected in the same way pop stars are promoted. Never mind the mediocrity, never mind the dishonesty and corruption....idiot yoof are interested in style, not substance. Ignorant as they are of history and the roots of their own culture, they're ripe for manipulation by exactly the same forces that are able to make empty carcasses such as  Oprah Winfrey and a Paris Hilton household names. And I doubt very much they care about the fact that the people they're electing will become their rulers for the next few years, with all the frightening potential for damage that implies.

They don't care because in their celebrity-obsessed heads there's no real difference.

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