Eurabians starting to wake up?

Islam Online - Muslims in Holland are suffering from Islamophobia, which mainly results from the anti-Islamic perceptions that are spread by Western media, a pan-European anti-racism commission based in France said. In its report, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), said that many Dutch Muslims are complaining about the rising violence and discrimination against them. The ECRI also said that the country’s Muslims, who make up 6% of Holland’s population, are facing "stereotyping, stigmatising", "outright racist political discourse" and "biased media portrayal.” “Islam has been repeatedly presented as a 'subculture' and Muslims have been presented as the carriers of backward values, generally incompatible with democracy and the values of Western societies," the report said.
Are these folks for real? Have they ever stopped to think that things like female genital mutilation, honor killings, beheadings, Sharia law, homicide bombers, flying planes into buildings, shooting little children in the back, using mentally retarded women as homicide bombers, placards saying "freedom go to hell" might have a wee bit to do with the perceptions of backwardness and incompatibility with democracy? Why, on the same website they address the pressing issue of what a Muslim man can do about marrying a Christian woman, if he's made the mistake of marrying one in the first place that is.
Islam Online - However it is not advisable to marry a kitaabi (i.e., Jewish or Christian) woman nowadays, because it is fraught with dangers, especially with regard to the children̢۪s upbringing. In order to be on the safe side, the believer should not marry her. Hence you can see that the Christianization of the children is one of the greatest dangers to be feared as a result of marrying a Christian woman. Undoubtedly it is not permissible for you to allow that under any circumstances.
Hence some of the followers turn violent and nasty when caught in such a predicament, remember all those western women who married Muslims and are shocked and horrified when the children are taken and she is cut off from them. You see, 'any circumstances' is not always interpreted the way we think it is, let's have more of a look shall we.
What you have to do now is protect your son̢۪s religion and prevent him from being made a Christian. If your wife insists on that then you have no choice but to make her stay with you in your city, or keep the child only, even if that leads to you leaving her and divorcing her. Try by all means to protect this child and prevent him being taught Christian teachings. Remember that you are responsible for him and that the worst neglect and betrayal of this trust would be to leave him disbelieving in Allaah.
In other words Allah will be extremely pissed off if you let the kid be raised as a Christian, there's that famous tolerance we always hear about shining brightly through. I don't know folks, maybe honor-killings and such are signs of an advanced, progressive society. It's always our fault isn't it, the problem is always us. I feel sorry for the media outlets, most of them have done such a good job of trying to cover for the militants and extremists in Islam and this is the thanks they get. Perhaps it's time for them to really get unbiased.

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