When lefties are left in charge

NZ Herald - New Zealand's loss of population to our trans-tasman neighbour is at its highest level since early this decade, new figures show. The net outflow of people from New Zealand intending to live permanently, or at least long term, to Australia, was last month at its highest for 6-1/2 years, Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) said. In the year to January, 28,600 more people left for Australia as permanent or long term departures (PLT) than came the other way. That compared with 21,600 in the January 2007 year and was the highest annual net outflow to Australia since the August 2001 year, when the figure was 29,100, SNZ said.
Rest assured folks, Kiwis are not leaving their homeland because things are getting so much better for them in NZ and the grass is dry and brown over here. Guess who has been running that country for the last 8 or was it 10 years, yep, lefties. Recently their glorious leader came over here to meet with our newly elected glorious leftist leader, from what I read about their talks, they have both agreed to implement similar policies, that caused Kiwis to flee their homeland, over here as well. That's what lefties call 'equality' and once all this is done Kommisar Klark (Pictured) from New Zealand can then crow that she has stemmed the tide of Kiwis fleeing to Australia and isn't she wonderful!

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