Thank You John Howard

LiveNews - Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has called an end to the previous Howard government policy of returning excess budget surpluses as tax cuts. Instead, any windfall revenue would by allowed to mount up as a larger budget surplus and would be quarantined either with the Reserve Bank or the Future Fund.
I remember when the Howard tax cuts were spurned as the pie and chips cut or was it the burger cut, either way the whiners were whining that the tax cuts were too small. I remember telling people back then that $5 extra a week is still better than nothing. Australians were warned about all this prior to the election, so after the next tax cut in June/July, you'd better be prepared to make the most of all the glorious tax cuts coming after that, grand sums of zero dollars and zero cents, yay!!! Perhaps Aussies don't like getting paid extra for the work they do or something, perhaps they like paying tax.

Thanks for what you let us keep Mr. Howard. Folks like me save every extra cent we get and work hard for them, it's to be expected with a leftie government though, punishing those who work harder than the rest. They never see a tax cut as taking less of your money, they see it as giving you extra money, which is a bad thing, go figure. Fortunately for them, it appears most of us feel the same way. Oh and if the price of petrol, groceries, interest rates and everything else keeps going up as the 'War against Inflation' fades into memory, then that's really sad and all that but the thieves running the joint won't be easing up on you.

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