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ABC News - New South Wales police are urging businesses to register their CC-TV cameras on a statewide database. Assistant Commissioner Bob Waites says the register being launched today will allow officers easy access to footage of crimes. Assistant Commissioner Waites says the register will allow police to easily pinpoint where the cameras are located and begin their investigations faster. "Well it's a good outcome for police but it's a much better outcome for the community because the quicker we solve crime the greater the opportunity from stopping those offenders from re-offending," he said.
I heard a bit on this in the morning, sure, there was a bit of protesting by the public about wanting more police and cameras not being the solution, but not a single word about letting us protect ourselves. The fear of guns and weapons runs very, very deep, no, no it's too much, we can't handle such things, who said guns, eek! So I say, let's just go the whole hog and be like Britain, I'm sick of this slow shuffle, this 2 steps to the left, 1 to the right, a bit of a look here, a bit of a look there, another 2 steps to the left, another to the right. Let's just cut to the chase, put cameras on every street corner, Britain has the greatest number of CCTV cameras, lets top them on that. It'll stop the crims from re-offending, never mind the first offence right, that's just one of those things that happen.

A few will just have to take one for the herd, that's life, and if the offender happens to re-offend again, as they still do in Britain, it's not perfect you know, you'll just have to take another one for the herd. Never mind that people are still getting bashed and beaten to death over there and the state has given up, as long as we never have to take responsibility for preventing the offence in the first place, and we never allow those who want to either, anything but that. The reality is that we as a whole are not mature enough to accept the realities of life, we don't want to be free men and women, we don't want to grow up, so let's just be like the toddlers dropped off at daycare who are monitored by their parents via webcam. Liberty goes hand in hand with responsibility, if you won't take on responsibility you cannot have liberty. Image thanks to Yahoo Images.

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