Come on PM Kev, Hurry up Mate - GREENS leader Bob Brown has said the Federal Government's apology to the indigenous stolen generations must be accompanied by financial compensation.
Yahoo!7 News - The National Aboriginal Alliance says the Federal Government should go further than this week's apology to Indigenous Australians and award compensation.
Last I checked no one's even seen wording of the sorry speech. Geez Kevin07, you've been in opposition for a while now, won the election months ago, hit the ground running, straight to work, war against this & that, blah....blah. How long before we get the wording, somebody tell him it's in two days time, or he'll be sorry he's not ready to be sorry. And while you're at it Kev, how about some money old chap, sorry, hold hands, singing songs and kumbaya only goes so far you know. If you don't pay, it won't be long before the calls for Howard to grovel will turn to, 'stuff sorry, we want money'. The chorus is growing folks, can Kevin07, now Kevin08 hold the line? Damn Australia, we've gone from fresh ideas and new leadership to bad ideas and new payments in just 2 months.

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