Apartheid, NZ socialist style:

"In 2004, Labour took another massive step towards the appeasement of Maori by passing the Foreshore and Seabed Act. This piece of legislation, drafted after consultation with Maori only (non-Maori were banned from attending the meetings) transfers full control of New Zealand’s marine environment to any Maori group that can convince a High Court Judge that they have had continuous title and uninterrupted use of the land adjacent to the foreshore and seabed from 1840 to 2004. Once confirmed by Parliament, Maori would gain all of the power and control of exclusive ownership. That means that Maori would have the full status of a consenting authority and be able to approve or decline applications (with very limited rights of appeal) for marine reserves, marina developments, fish farms, tourism ventures, conservation work, port operations, local authority requirements, and the like.

Last week the Attorney General announced that the Crown had signed the first heads of agreement under the new Act with Ngati Porou. Dr Cullen stated that the agreement would not prevent the public’s right of access to the foreshore and seabed – except in rare circumstances where wahi tapu can be applied to prohibit or restrict public access. That assurance does not hold water. I well remember Maori Government members during the heated Parliamentary debates on the Bill boasting that since sand contained the remnants of ancestors lost at sea, any beach could be considered wahi tapu and the public excluded.
Just as Labour’s Treaty settlement process has resulted in a massive transfer of taxpayers’ wealth to Maori, so too will their Foreshore and Seabed Act. It signals the end of the inseparable relationship that New Zealanders have with the beach and the ocean."
Muriel Newman
(bold mine)
The Treaty of Waitangi, a simple document that was signed by Maori chiefs in the 1800's has been used by Maori activists and the Labour government of NZ to effect a massive con and subsequent rip-off.
Between them, they've invented "rights" that havenothing to do with the original document, giving Maori fisheries, land and cash that are unearned at the expense of all New Zealanders.
It's fraud on a massive scale and almost nobody dares raise a voice against it for fear of being called--you guessed it--"racist".

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