To my Aboriginal friends:

Like you, I've enjoyed our days together, talking, having a beer, fishing and hunting, laughing at the same things, saddened by the same things.
You've shown my beloved wife your affection and boundless hospitality and generosity and in return she cared for your wounds and your sick children, at the cost of her own health and the chance to advance further in her chosen career. More than once she risked her life and considered it a small price to pay for the joy your company brought her.
We've shared with you the same food, travelled the same dusty roads and crossed the same flooded creeks from Queensland, across the Northern Territory and down through the Kimberley--and most of all we've shared the same love of this great land.
The apology of this Gummint doesn't speak for us, any more than it is offered sincerely to you, our friends. It's just more Gummint Business, and we both know what that means, eh, blackfellas.
Pass me a beer, Bangleesh and to hell with 'em.

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