The wheels are coming off, warmenoids!

"It took a century for earth's recorded average temperature to rise by 0.6 degrees Celsius, and then one year - last year -- for it to drop by between 0.6 and 0.75 degrees Celsius, depending on which of the four major global tracking agencies you follow (that's Britain's Hadley Centre's graph for the last twenty years at right).

Just to repeat: that's more than the rise in recorded surface temperatures over the whole of the twentieth century, and more than four times greater than the supposed effect on temperatures of every every nation on the planet reducing its emissions according to the Kyoto Protocol." (bold mine)
Not PC
will this information put a stop to the proposed new taxes and regulations which are supposedly going to put the brakes on global warming? Will it shut up the hysterics who are babbling on about carbon footprints and derail the burgeoning carbon trading scams?
Nope. This is now all about power and screwing the taxpayer, aided and abetted by gullible useful idiots.
But then, some of us always knew that.

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