Never mind facts--feel the solidarity, comrade...

"I've heard Obama referred to as a snake-oil salesman. The thing is, snake-oil salesman, like traveling Revivalist preachers, had a schtick they did everywhere they went. Often, their schtick included an "audience-member" who would be magically healed by whatever snake-oil the traveling salesman was selling.

It seems Obama has been caught doing this old trick...."
Infidel Blogger's Alliance

Even if these women are genuinely fainting--as so many empty-headed squealing little girls do over rock stars--it's bad enough. A President elected by the euphoria of the giggling yoof demographic would pretty much signal the end of the usefulness of rational debate in politics and open the gates to simple mob rule.
But suppose the fainting women at so many venues where Obama speaks are in fact a carefully stage-managed act? Combined with the vast emptiness of the man's rhetoric and the near silence of the media over his muslim background, what we have here is something reminiscent of the rallies by Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, rabble rousing on a grand scale with all the added bells and whistles of the modern mass media.
These hysterics are NOT going to accept defeat at the ballot box as an outcome of the democratic process and already we've seen worrying signs on the left of their contempt for the process in any case.
And if they win they'll believe that have some kind of religious mandate to put the jackboot across the throat of any dissenting voices.
This is going to end badly.

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