Hilarious leftist mental malfunction:

I just got an email pointing out a comment by one of our lefty hyenas, in response to the closing sentence of the post about Rudd's "sorry" jerk-off.
I finished that post with these words:
" The apology of this Gummint doesn't speak for us, any more than it is offered sincerely to you, our friends. It's just more Gummint Business, and we both know what that means, eh, blackfellas.
Pass me a beer, Bangleesh and to hell with 'em."
(Bangleesh is my Abo mate)
The leftie's comment:
" I wholeheartedly agree with Ant - I think the most offensive part of KG’s comment was the undisguised paternalism.
Don’t you worry your ignorant black brain about this apology - it’s ‘Gummit business’ and beyond your understanding. Lets just get drunk instead eh?
Racist cunt."
Paternalism...hmmm. "Gummint business" is a term used by Aborigines frequently, to express their contempt for government promises and bureaucrats.
"beyond your understanding"? The words "and we both know what that means" indicate that Bangleesh understands perfectly well. So it's obviously beyond our commenters understanding, at least.
As for "lets just get drunk instead"--perhaps the kiddie who wrote those words is accustomed to getting drunk whenever he breaks into daddy's beer fridge, but most of us adults are capable of drinking a couple of beers without them having that effect. Or he's suggesting that Aborigines can't have a drink without getting drunk....
The best description I've seen of lefties is that they're no more than "vicious spoiled children".
Thanks for confirming that.

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