RESIGN! you gutless, useless bastard.

Adoption of Islamic Sharia law in Britain is 'unavoidable', says Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury has today said that the adoption of Islamic Sharia law in the UK is "unavoidable" and that it would help maintain social cohesion.

THIS is what passes for leadership in Britain today--spineless, unprincipled fools such as this who can't wait to roll over and show their bellies to the barbarians.

And a population so cowed and apathetic that it isn't prepared to fight for it's own culture.

In ages past such a statement would have seen this man swinging from the gallows, food for the crows.

RESIGN, you cowardly, unprincipled oxygen-thief. Begone. Fuck off.

"That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
Let him depart;

An update on this fool's views:

The latest controversy is the second time that Dr Williams's views on Islam have provoked dispute. In an interview last year with Emel, a Muslim lifestyle magazine, he accused the US of wielding its power in a way worse than Britain at the peak of the Empire, compared Muslims in Britain to the Good Samaritans, and praised the Muslim ritual of praying five times a day. He also said terrorists “can have serious moral goals” and argued that the 9/11 terrorists should not be called evil. "

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