The Stupidity of Bureaucrats

Daily Mail - They are trained to brave every kind of danger to safeguard the public, but now firefighters are being ordered to turn back if they encounter a cloud of smoke - from a cigarette. Fire crews have been banned from making home visits to offer safety advice to people who smoke, unless the residents stub out all cigarettes at least one hour beforehand and open their windows.
The official edict was sent out by fire brigade chiefs in order to comply with the workplace smoking ban - after they decided that private homes filled with cigarette smoke are officially a firefighter's 'workplace' for the duration of the visit. Officials stressed that the new rules would only apply to prearranged "Home Fire Safety Visits", and not to emergencies in which homes were actually burning down.
Well, at least they weren't stupid enough to ban firefighters from, well you kow, fighting fires! For now they're just banned from advising people who smoke. One would have thought that people who light cigarettes with small flames, and keep em lit for a short while, would benefit the most from the advice of a firefighter, but this is the bureaucratic sty we're talking folks, a completely common sense free area. Image from Yahoo Images.

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