The Glorious Socialist EU

Have you noticed that things have become more expensive recently?
It has always been expensive. It is sad but these prices don't shock me as much as they did when I first arrived in the UK. I paid 20 pounds (26.90 euros, $39.75) for four organic lamb shanks once and felt ill at the thought. I had a skirt and trousers taken in at the dry cleaners and it cost 40 pounds (53.85 euros, $79.50). These figures become a part of every day life and it becomes the norm.
How easy is it for you to get by?
I struggle every month, the hardest being January, with five weeks until pay day and you have Christmas and New Years to get through.
To what extent does inflation affect you?
In Luxembourg we don't "feel" inflation like my parents who live in France do for example. Here the salaries are good, so we have more possibilities and it's easy to earn money.
How easy is it for you to get by?
For the first time in my life I don't have a problem at the end of the month, because here the salaries are higher than in other European countries. Of course, the rent and the everyday living are higher too, but still it's easy to have a good lifestyle.
What's your opinion on the European economy?
It's good that we are not part of the EU. Our unemployment rate is much lower than in the rest of Europe and a lot of people are immigrating to Switzerland -- especially Germans -- because the taxes are lower. Value-added tax is some 19 to 21 percent in the EU and 2.4 to 7.6 percent in Switzerland.
The above was taken from an ongoing series by Deutsche Welle on the cost of living in Europe. By the way, Switzerland also has the highest per capita firearm ownership rate on the planet and has a homicide rate of 1.2 per 100,000. The U.K. which has strict gun conrol has a rate of 1.4 and climbing, just thought I'd weasel that in there.

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