The Horror of Gitmo!

Rocky Mountain News - Interrogators got intelligence from detainees that helped U.S. troops in Afghanistan attack Taliban fighters last summer - and they did it through casual questioning and not torture, the military's chief interrogator here said. For security reasons, he would only discuss one of the successes, and that was only because his boss, Rear Adm. Mark Buzby, already had described it in a speech last month. Buzby said several detainees, using poster board paper and crayons, drew detailed maps of the Tora Bora area in eastern Afghanistan that enabled coalition forces to wipe out safe houses, trenches and supplies last summer as Taliban forces were returning to the stronghold they had abandoned more than five years ago.
Rester indicated the interrogators casually asked the detainees about their knowledge of Tora Bora, not letting on that it was tactically important for a pending military strike. "And it may in fact, since it was five years old, have seemed totally innocuous to the persons we were talking to," Rester said. Buzby, the top commander of detention operations at Guantanamo, said the intelligence "had a very positive effect ... for us and a very negative effect on the enemy operating in that area." He declined to be more specific.
So they saved American lives using these touchy-feely 'torture' methods eh, and yet who whines the most to close Gitmo down? Close it down and release the detainees, let em' all go and what happens, the intelligence goes, lives are put at risk and are lost. You'd think that leftie Americans were on the side of you know, America and hence American soldiers. But no, they prefer to do whatever they can to hinder their soldiers because, they need to set an example. An example for whom, to be followed by whom, no one cares whether the example is followed, just that it must be set. It doesn't matter to the haters whether there is water boarding or legs are broken or that the enemy will still behead our soldiers if they are caught. Even if the only methods allowed was crayons and paper, the lefties would still want it closed, because to them, due process and rights that the enemy doesn't even understand, let alone respect, are more important than the lives of their own countrymen, go figure.

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