More gun control laws!!!

LiveNews - Greens Leader Bob Brown has called for an end to hand-gun sales in Australia, following this morning's US University Shooting. A lone gunmen stormed a crowded lecture theatre on a Chicago campus, killing four people and injuring a further 17, before turning the gun on himself. Senator Brown is calling on the Prime Minister to apply to hand-guns, the same restrictions the Howard Government applied to long-guns following the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre.
In 1968, Chicago instituted handgun registration, in 1982, Chicago imposed a ban on handgun sales like in Washington D.C. So the law-abiding are actually hindered from defending themselves, in both places, the murder rate using handguns increased. I wouldn't be surprised if this university is another one of those stupid gun-free zones that people seem addicted to. Funny how none of these crazed gunmen target the local gunclub or a police station eh, I mean it's not like those who own guns have magical powers to repel bullets or something. Yet people are puzzled why those who are known to be carrying guns are seldom targeted, one of the great mysteries of life I guess. Switzerland also has the highest per capita firearm ownership rate on the planet, but you don't hear about them being shot in their thousands every week.

What about all the other states that allow these terrible gun sales, how come millions of Americans aren't being killed every year in those states. Australians haven't been allowed to carry loaded guns or other weapons around with them for a while now, but violent crime keeps happening here, following ol Brown's logic, we ought to be some sort of kumbaya, violence-free utopia by now. Read the news and you'll know we sure ain't, I collate the violent incidents we're told about and publish them on my blog every week, I assure you, this ain't no utopia. The reality is that the gun grabbers would much rather you lot are bashed, beaten, robbed, raped, murdered and whatever else than see you carry a gun to protect yourself. Your freedom and liberty threatens them somehow.

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