Abandon Skip

has a fine post up today about the future of the West.
"I've said many times that for the West, the historic West, to have any chance to live, the rule of modern liberalism must die. I've said that liberalism might die as a result of liberals losing faith in it, or as a result of liberalism being discredited by the disasters it has brought about, or as a result of Islam gaining power in the West and destroying much of liberal society along with its liberalism. But there is one scenario that I have never really discussed, because it is so terrible to contemplate. Liberalism might die--or, the West itself might die--in an all-out civil war within the West, a war to the death between those who believe in the West, and those who seek its destruction."
The first scenario--that of liberals losing faith in it, is highly unlikely. Nothing will shake their faith in it because it's just that--a faith. Opposition only strengthens their belief.
The second--liberalism being discredited by the disasters it has brought about--is equally unlikely. There's no sign at all that liberals view those disasters as either their fault or something inherent to (in?) their faith.
The third scenario seems to me to be the most likely. Islam destroys liberalism. But islam will destroy all that is worthwhile in the West as well.
Which means that civil war may be the only answer to both liberalism and islam.

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