Give Communism a chance! - COMMUNIST party chief Demetris Christofias won a historic victory in Cyprus's presidential election overnight and immediately vowed to launch a new drive to reunite the island after 34 years of division. His jubilant supporters - some in luxury convertibles - cruised the streets of Nicosia, the world's last divided capital, waving Cypriot flags and banners of communist icon Che Guevara, their car horns blaring.
Luxury convertibles and Che Guevara eh, I thought communism was supposed to bring equality, sharing and all that or were they just taking their last rides in those luxury convertibles before handing them over to the masses so they could also 'share'. One would think that people would have had enough of commies by now, but I guess not, I wonder if the folks who voted for this mob are aware of how their hero Che dealt with dissent. I wonder too, if this will be the last election they'll get to vote in, because in the communist countries I've heard of, they aren't big on this citizens subjects voting, democratic elections and all that. None the less, good luck to them, they obviously want to give Communism another chance. Image thanks to Yahoo Images.

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