The gun-grabbers won't tell you this story

Nope, can't have guns portrayed in a positive light, they'd prefer to tell you about the shootings by mean, nasty, terrible guns at University campuses, which incidentally are stupid gun-free zones. And from what I can tell, have no "let's roll" spirit left in their students. At Virginia tech there was only an old man who stood against the lone wolf while his young adult students were diving out the windows. Personally, I think some of today's youngsters need to be shuffled over to folks like James Pickett to be taught the realities of life. - Investigators say they were definitely going to rob him - possibly even kill him. But an 80-year-old North Texan wasn't about to let that happen, so he took action. Two men obviously thought James Pickett, 80, was an easy target when they showed up at his home on Saturday with a knife. "He just came through that door, stabbing and beating," said Pickett. Captain Clint Pullin said it looked as though the men wanted to kill him. But before you worry too much about Pickett, learn a bit more about him.

He's a WWII veteran, former firefighter and lifelong John Wayne devotee. What the men didn't know is Picket had taken a pistol and put it in his pocket before opening the door. "He jumped and turned and I shot him," Picket said. "The only problem was I run out of bullets," Picket said. A neighbor describes Picket as a "hero." Worried about retribution, friends are sticking close. Deputies assure James Pickett they aren't likely to get out of jail anytime soon but he isn't worried. "I think I'm a ten times better shot than and he is... But they best not come back," he said. Hat-tip Hang Right Politics.
You can tell Picket is old school, answer the door with a gun in the pocket, he knows it's a jungle out there and kumbaya won't cut it. How many of you answer the door to a stranger with a weapon at the ready? Note that they came through with knives, imagine this was Australia, that happens regularly but you ain't allowed a loaded gun in the pocket, you'll get old one day too, what will you do when the wolf comes through stabbing and beating? If you think you can dial 000 in that situation, take my advice, don't answer the door, just hide in the corner and pretend you're not at home and hope they go away. If they do bust in, I hope you can run like you could back in the day.

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