Suffer the little children

Daily Mail - They are devoted foster parents with an unblemished record of caring for almost 20 vulnerable children. But Eunice and Owen Johns have been forced to abandon their good work because they refuse to tell children as young as ten that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle. To do so, they say, would go against their Christian beliefs. The council says its fostering panel felt it would not be following the regulations if it placed a child with a couple who could not comply with the Act. The couple's case comes at a time when there is a chronic shortage of foster parents, who work on a voluntary basis. Around 8,000 more are needed nationally.
It's not like these two are running some sort of gay-bashing vigilante gang or something. It's not like the couple said that if the child comes home and says they're gay, they're going whip the homosexuality out of the child or something. You see folks, you're not allowed to even think that homosexuality is wrong, no sir. Soon these bureaucratic scum will be at your door asking you why you didn't attend last months annual gay and lesbian street celebrations, you a homophobe or something boy? So when they have a shortage of such volunteers, who suffers the most, that's right, the children. As far as these bureaucratic scum are concerned, the children can whistle, you see it's more important that homosexuals are not discriminated again in thought than children are properly cared for, go figure!

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