Freedom of Speech only goes so far with lefties - A RIGHT to Life protest in Brisbane almost turned nasty today when a group of pro-choice demonstrators ambushed the event and stole the limelight. Police were called to diffuse the tense stand-off after about 50 pro-choice campaigners stormed the stage as the church-backed Respect for Women rally was about to begin in Queen's Park at 2pm (AEST) today. The rally was organised to protest against a private members bill proposed, but not yet lodged, by Labor MP Bonny Barry calling for abortion to be decriminalised in the state. Retreating from the 300 strong crowd, pro-choice spokeswoman Lauren Mellor said they had decided to ambush the event to put voice to the majority of Australians who supported abortion rights.
I saw the video on the news, the vermin forced their way onto the stage and screamed their message, those who organized the protest weren't allowed to speak. That's how lefties operate folks, anyone who holds a differing view to theirs is not allowed to speak in public. They carp on about free speech and freedom, but in reality the lying sacks of filth couldn't give a continental. Majority of Australians my ass, no you bitter, angry thing, if that were the case then let the small minority whine for a while. The majority, that you claim exists, won't pay them any heed will they, unless off course you're a liar and your cold wretched heart is only warmed by murdering the most vulnerable. I tend to keep my postings clean so I'll stop at saying, this lot of pro-abortionists [baby killers] disgust me!! Image thanks to Genethique.

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