They kidnap them because it works

JPost - Israel and Hamas have reached an agreement on the identities of 230 Palestinian prisoners to be freed as part of a deal to secure the release of captured IDF soldier Gilad Schalit, Army Radio reported Monday morning. Progress in the negotiations was reportedly made after a decision by a special ministerial committee to relax the criteria for defining a prisoner with "blood on his hands." Initially, Israel was only willing to release 44 prisoners on the Hamas list.
One would have thought 44 for the return of 1 soldier would be a more than fair trade, but no, those running Israel think that they're being too tough. Don't worry about the constant barrage of rockets coming in, no sir, they don't want to be seen as being mean and aggressive. So let's just multiply that by, oh I don't know, 5, give or take a few. I mean what's the odd scumbag between the weak-spined and the ruthless. And they wonder why those who loathe them with every fiber of their being keep kidnapping their countrymen and want to drive them into the sea, another one of life's great mysteries folks.

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